6 Ways To Make Your First Date Successful When You Meet Online

Online dating sites and dating apps are the new normal. But some first dates after meeting online can be the worst!

You know that moment when you meet in person and they look NOTHING like their photo...

We found some key things (thanks to science) that can up your chances to have a successful first date when you meet online.

According to Psychology Today, in spite of the rise in online dating, only 5% of married couples or those in a committed relationship say they met their partners online. So if you are interesting in that second date, follow theses tips:

1.  Look for people who share genuine similarities with you. In other words, don't just swipe right for someone hot.

2. Communicating a lot before the first date. And make sure it is high quality communication.

3. Asking a lot of questions. Generally get to know the person as well as you can before meeting (but don't wait too long because interest may wane over time)

4. Meeting up with people who are open to sharing about themselves. In turn, be open to sharing about yourself.

5. Expecting that on average, you may be disappointed, but with persistence there is a good chance you can form a satisfying relationship.

6. Using online dating services that match you with people similar to you, and which require greater communication and sharing as part of online courtship.

Or you can always try and meet people the old fashion way...

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