"Giraffe Mom" and Her Baby Meets April The Giraffe!

It's been a big week for April the Giraffe!

First, she FINALLY gave birth to a healthy, 129-pound baby boy. Then, her bundle of joy got to meet his dad, Oliver.

The next day, April got ANOTHER surprise!

She met Erin Dietrick, better known as "Giraffe Mom," the woman who wen viral in March for posting a video parodying April's LONG road to motherhood on live stream.

Erin gave birth on March 8th to a healthy baby boy named Porter Lane.

After April gave birth, Erin received a phone call from Inside Edition offering to fly her out from South Carolina to the Animal Adventure Park in New York, to meet the famous giraffe.

Obviously, Erin accepted and the following day, she and baby Porter were having a casual play date with a giraffe mommy and her newborn calf.

Check out the awesome mommy meet up below!

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