Disneyland Has Its Own Version of the Unicorn Frappuccino

The happiest place on Earth just kicked the Unicorn Frappuccino to the curb.

The Starbucks in Downtown Disney in Anaheim created the Pink Pegasus Frappuccino when they ran out of ingredients to make the Unicorn Frappuccino. 

As i'm sure you know, the Unicorn Frapp was all the rave last week and most stores ran out of ingredients because so many people were ordering the drink.  

That's when the Downtown Disney store decided to solve the problem by creating their new magical drink.  

It is a White Mocha and Raspberry-flavored drink but does not include the "blue ingredients" that made the Unicorn Frappuccino sour. 

The Pink Pegasus Frappuccino won't be around for long — so get your hands on one while you still can.

It's exclusively available at the Starbucks in Downtown Disneyland for a limited time only. 

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