Bruno Mars Finally Breaks His Silence On That Pete Wentz Picture

Bruno Mars checked into Valentine In The Morning on Thursday! 

The artist talked about his hit, "That's What I Like" going to number 1! Mars talked about his 24K Magic World Tour being like a big party and even promised Kevin Manno that they would serve champagne during his show.

Valentine also asked Mars about this picture that has been circulating since 2008!

Never have we heard the REAL story behind this picture, where Mars looks starstruck to see Pete Wentof the band Fall Out Boy, until now!

Mars said he loves that people make up their own stories about the picture. But he does share with Valentine what really happened. Apparently, a paparazzi photographer pushed Mars out of the way to get his shot. So that look Mars is giving, is one of shock (not because he saw Wentz) but because someone nearly knocked him over! 

You have to hear him tell the funny story! At least we have confirmation that the photo is real!

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