Taco Bell Announces Naked Chicken Chips

Taco Bell is getting into the nugget game, but don't call them chicken nuggets!

A few months ago, Taco Bell unleashed the Naked Chicken Chalupa, which is a deep fried chicken used as a taco shell.

However, the Naked Chicken Chalupa was only available for a limited time and was taken off the menu after about a month.

Now, to fix all of your Naked Chicken Chalupa cravings, Taco Bell is released Naked Chicken Chips.

It's basically the shell from the Naked Chicken Chalupa in chip form.

You can call them chips if you'd like, but these are basically triangle-shaped chicken nuggets served with a side of Taco Bell's nacho cheese sauce.

The nuggets chips are marinated all-white-meat chicken covered with "bold Mexican spices and seasoning."

Customers will be able to purchase them as a 6-piece for $1.99, a 12-piece for $2.99, or in a combo with a Burrito Supreme, Crunchy Taco and medium drink for $5. 

The nuggets chips will be available starting May 11 only for a limited time!

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