Starbucks App Users Are Getting Money Stolen From Their Bank Accounts

For serious Starbucks go-ers, their mobile app makes paying for your coffee super easy, but users who chose to link their Starbucks account to their banks are finding themselves victims of a scam!

A reporter at Buzzfeed explained that last week she received an email saying that she had reloaded $100 onto her Starbuck mobile app from the credit card she had on file. 

The thing is, she hadn't actually reloaded her card! 

So when she opened her app, she found that someone had gained access to her information, added the $100 and made three charges in San Diego that wiped her account!!

Dozens of people have went on Twitter complaining of the same issues.

Starbucks says that these hacks were likely a result of weak customer passwords, as the company itself had not been hacked at the time. reached out to Starbucks for comment and the company gave the following statement: 

"First and foremost, the security of our customer's information is critically important and Starbucks remains resolute in protecting that information and has a team of engineers dedicated to advancing security and fraud prevention, given unauthorized account activity is an industry-wide challenge. As a result, we see only a tiny fraction of one percent of account holders impacted, significantly reducing fraudulent activity to a level vastly better than industry average. We strongly encourage our customers to follow best practices to protect their accounts and, if we are made aware of any unauthorized activity, we work with our customers directly to ensure that their account remains whole."

If you are concerned that your Starbucks Mobile account has been hacked, you can contact their customer service line at 1-800-782-7282.

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