A Girl Broke A Hanger To Eat Pasta And Now People Are Sharing Their Utensil Hacks

We've all been there before when you find yourself mid-move and realize you've packed up something very important. 


This exact situation happened to Oklahoma State freshman, Samantha Wert.

She had a meal to eat but no fork or spoon.

Since it was raining outside and she wasn't about to eat yogurt with her hands, which is TOTALLY understandable, she decided to get creative.

Her solution? 

Turning a hanger into a fork. 

The Internet responded in a collective "been there," posting their own versions of unconventional forks, and it's hilarious!

One guy also fashioned an old hanger once.

Someone witnessed a guy turn a whole plate into a spoon for their chocolate pudding!

And then things started to get weird and inspiring at the same time.

The craftiness just kept on rolling in!

What's the craziest thing you've used when you didn't have any utensils?

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