Rap Monster From BTS Raps "Change" Verse From Wale Collab (WATCH)

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You might have been watching the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, and saw a group of extremely well dressed men walking around. Their name is BTS, they're taking over the music industry and the world is OBSESSED with them. 

Here's why:

- They've made history multiple times. BTS, or Bangtan Sonyeondan have already made a name for themselves in the K-pop world.

- Their album Wings is the highest charting and best selling K-pop album in the US.

- They're also the first K-pop band to win a Billboard Music Award.

- Their fan base is SO loving and loyal.

- BTS has 5.94 million Twitterand 3.7 million Instagramfollowers... casual. 

- Because of their insane social presence, they've earned their own Twitter emoji.

- Rap Monster and Suga are extremely talented rappers.

- They all split the work and credit. All 7 members are known for co-writing their songs.

When we brought them in to the MYFM studio, we instantly felt a burst of energy from the group. They're so grateful for the success that is happening and opened up about accepting their first Billboard Music Awards. 

When Kevin asked BTS who their favorite American artist is, the majority of the K-Pop group responded with "Chris Brown." Hear that Breezy? Can we get a collaboration sometime in the future?

And of course, we couldn't say goodbye without asking Rap Monster and Suga to spit one of their favorite verses. Rap Monster happily obliged and gave us something from his and Wale's new song, "Change."

Watch below and click here to vote on your favorite selfie from BTS.

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