Why Are Doughnut Boxes PINK!?

Most doughnut boxes in Los Angeles are PINK!

But why is that? The Los Angeles Times released a story looking into this question. There are at least 680 doughnut shops in L.A. County. Being EVERYWHERE, now when you see a pink box, you know it's from the west coast and your mouth starts watering immediately! 

According to the article, for decades, doughnut makers got their better ingredients from Westco. As the legend states, a long time ago, a Cambodian doughnut shop owner asked Westco if there were any cheaper boxes available other than the standard white cardboard. So Westco found leftover pink cardboard stock and formed a 9-by-9-by-4-inch container with four semicircle flaps to fold together. Perfect for doughnuts!

Check out the story, and hit up a doughnut shop for an after lunch snack!

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