Police Were Meant To Break Up Noisy Band, Instead They Joined Them!

A group of Toronto teens were performing in their rock band at a party when the cops were called to shut them down...or so they thought. The teens thought the party was a wrap when the police arrived, but the police said to just keep the noise down, but then also came a surprise no one expected.

The officers stuck around for a bit to listen to the band play a few songs before leaving. Thirty minutes later the police came back, not to shut down the party for good, but to asked to play with the band! He took the drum sticks and started jamming out as the rest of the band members looked in disbelief.

Afterwards, he handed the sticks back to the teen drummer and told the teens about how he used to play in bands growing up. He also gave them words of encouragement to never give up on your dream no matter what! (via CBC)

Watch the video below!

Source: YouTube

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