Park Rangers Are Sick Of Kids Defacing Nature For Promposals

High school kids today feel the pressure to not just ask someone to be their date to prom... but to ask them in a fantastic, magical and above all UNIQUE way. Hence the "PROMposal."

But park rangers are urging kids not to deface nature for the prom cause! 

Recently the Santa Monica Mountains park service tweeted about some teenagers (allegedly) defacing public lands in order to invite their special someone to the big dance. And this has happened more than once.

In the tweet is a picture of "PROM?" written in graffiti near Sandstone Peak.

And it's not just graffiti that can get you in trouble with the rangers... teens in Wilton, Connecticut could be charged for carving "PROM?" into a tree!

Let this be a lesson... promposals should not deface nature in any way! Go with a classic promposal and spell out "PROM" on a pizza in pepperonis. You can even present it to your future date at a picnic in nature... just don't glue those pepperonis to a tree!

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