A Ukraine Circus Bear Lunges Into A Screaming Audience

A shocking video has just surfaced from a Circus on Ice show in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine, showing the exact moment when a large bear jump into the audience and injures several people.

It appears that the bear is following his trainer’s orders when he is lying down, but then suddenly he lunges up and breaks away from his trainer, jumping toward the crowd. 

You can immediately hear screams and then the footage cuts away as chaos unfolds.

A few seconds later, the bear jumps back onto the stage and sprints across to the other side, and the footage cuts away again, as the spectator filming the video starts running away with the crowd, out of the arena and into the open air outside.

The screen goes dark, but the screams and cries of a child can still be heard for another minute.

It is unclear if the audience members were attacked by the bear or injured in a stampede as people tried to flee from the venue.

Following the incident, the owners of the circus reimbursed audience members for their tickets and the cost of damaged goods.

This video definitely shows why wild animals should not be circus acts!

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