You Can NOW Buy Bread That Looks Like Groot At California Adventure

To promote its new Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney's California Adventure is offering lots of superhero-themed food.

We recently talked about a Baby Groot souvenir cup and now there's baby groot BREAD!

The bread is sold at Fairfax Market and Cosmic Canteen inside the park, and comes in jalapeno-cheese or plain sourdough flavors.

It is pretty price for bread.

It's $8.50, but it's worth it for the Instagram picture and it's even big enough to share with friends as a snack!

According to Grub Street, its eyes are made from black olives, and the jalapeno-cheese varieties have a nice head of hair. 

And there's even vegan Groot bread with fewer curls.

The bread is actually baked onsite, in California Adventure's Boudin Bakery, located in Pacific Wharf.

But make sure you show up to the market early because the bread sells out in the first few hours.

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