Piers Morgan Issues Apology To Ariana Grande

After the terror attack in Manchester at Ariana Grande's concert, Piers Morgan criticized Ariana for going back to the states instead of visiting the remaining victims in the hospital.  However, as we know now, Ariana made sure to visit her injured fans, and just yesterday, hosted a benefit concert One Love Manchester, to help raise money. She was able to raise over $3 million dollars for the British Red Cross' Manchester Emergency Fund. 

Piers took to Twitter yesterday to issue a public apology to Ms. Grande: 

“I thought Ariana Grande was wrong to fly off after #ManchesterAttack. But tonight she’s putting on a fabulous show,” he wrote.

In second Tweet he added, “I misjudged you & I apologise. You’re an admirable young woman & this is a magnificent night. Respect."

Read them below:


Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


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