Producer Of '13 Reasons Why' Reveals Season 2 Secrets!

Just because we heard all 13 tapes, that doesn't mean Hannah Baker is done telling her story. 

Executive producer Brian Yorkey of the popular Netflix series revealed what to expect in the next season during a  Q&A session at Netflix's FYSee event. "...Hannah told her version of the events but there are at least 12 kids that have another version of those events that we haven't really heard from yet, so I think there's quite a bit more of Hannah's story to tell," he says.

We all know there's two sides to every story, so was Hannah not fully telling the truth? Yorkey says, "I don't think Hannah told any untruths on her tapes. I think she told her story and she claimed her narrative which had really been taken from her, so she reclaimed her narrative and said this is the story of my life, but there are other people who might want to tell that story differently or other players in that story might have a different perspective on some of those events." 


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Yorkey also let fans know the healing process between the characters is also just beginning. 

"Clay  and Olivia Baker are two people with the most amount of healing to do, and it was just in its very beginning stages when season one ended. Season two is also about healing and how we go on, because people always say you have to go on but how do we after something like that?"

Season two will look at Jessica's healing process.

"I've actually had people tell me, well her story is done, she told her dad, and I think this is one of the things we are conditioned to think about stories involving rape on television.  It's covered in three to five episodes, and then you see them move onto a new love interest. Having spoken to many rape survivors and having many of them close to's a life-long process, so Jessica's story is just beginning." 

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