These Special Glasses Let A Legally Blind Man See His Wife Walk Down The Aisle

A legally blind man was finally able to see his wife of 15 years thanks to technology.

Andrew was born with an eye condition called Stargardt's disease and what were initially blind spots quickly progressed, turning him legally blind.

With central vision loss, he can see objects but they appear fuzzy and lack detail, which prevented Andrew from fully enjoying his wedding day.

However, thanks to a special pair of glasses called eSight, Andrew was able to see his wife clearly!

He did fundraising online for about a year before he was able to raise $10,000 for the special glasses that include, "a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at."

Years before Andrew would depend on a variety of magnifying tools and glasses to help him navigate his world. 

He also memorized his home and relied on his wife, who's a practicing nurse.

The emotional moment he put them on and looked at his wife instantly brought him and us to tears!

The couple then re-created their wedding day, but this time, Andrew clearly saw Kelli walking down the aisle. 

It was even more special because Andrew, who was also color blind before, could see the sparkles in Kelli's veil and their daughters' faces so vividly!

Watch the touching video below:

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