The Reason This Dog Only Eats Half Her Food Left The Internet Emotional

You might need to grab a tissue as your embark on this emotional journey.

Twitter user, _EasyBreasy_ , who's real name is Easton Dufur shared a touching story on Twitter about his two dogs over the weekend. 

Let's just say it left the internet pretty emotional...

Easton only has one food bowl for his two labradors, Stitch and Cookie. 

Well ever since Cookie was young, Stitch taught her to only eat half the bowl so that there was enough for both of them.

Unfortunately, Stitch passed away earlier this month so Easton started giving Cookie less food, but in the same bowl.

ready to get emotional?!

Cookie still left half the food for Stitch!

BRB tears just streaming down our faces!

Wait, Easton then posted pictures of his dogs!

Dogs are too good for this world!

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