This Dad Creates A New Type of Lunch Box

One dad's accident might now be the most genius lunch time hack of all time. 

When Mark Hoyle went to the grocery store to replace his son's lunch box he did not like the prices or the choice of selection.

So what does he do?

He decided to go to a home improvement store.

As he was walking down the aisle, he came across a double-sided too kit that Mark says "is basically tupperware."

The best part the tool kit was only $5 when the normal lunch boxes were $12.

Mark was proud of himself, however his wife was not convinced until he demonstrated the "lunch box."

Mark went into the kitchen to put together what he calls a "lunch box buffet," filling the box's compartments with cheerios, various types of nuts, cheese, a juice box and fruit.

Things get even cooler because on the other side of the "lunch box" is a handy toy storage!

Mark's wife wasn't too thrilled about the idea of carrying around a boring, tool box around so he jokingly suggested she customize it. 

This is a genius hack!

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