This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend And Her Daughter!

When Grant Tribbett proposed to his girlfriend Cassandra, he didn't just make a commitment to her.

He made one to her daughter too!

Grant took Cassandra, a single mom, and her 5-year-old daughter Adrianna to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then they headed to Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve.

The three of them walked together a mile into the woods until they reached a wooden bridge.

That's where Grant got down on one knee and asked Cassandra to marry him and made a special promise to Adrianna too!

Lucky for us, their friend was there to capture the moment.

Cassandra said, "After proposing to me, Grant got back down to propose to my daughter. He said, 'Adrianna can I be your daddy, to promise to love and protect you for the rest of your life?"

Cassandra was so touched by the gesture, she immediately began bawling. 

Then to make it official, Grant gave Adrianna a piece of jewelry too, a heart-shaped necklace in her favorite colors. 

Adrianna was so excited she screamed ‘YES!' and continued saying, "‘I finally get a daddy, Mommy! I finally get a daddy!’”

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