This Guy Wears A Dress To Work To Prove A Point

A man who wore shorts to work, despite the dress code banning them, refused to accept his boss’s order to to put on pants.

 Instead, Twitter user Joey Barge had something else in mind.

For the heatwave in the United Kingdom, Joey decided to wear “smart” navy shorts to his job at a call center. 

Joey tweeted his outfit, saying: “If women can wear skirts/dresses at work can I wear smart shorts like so?”

After his shorts were called “inappropriate,” he was sent home to change.

The next day, Joey decided to go against the rules by arriving at the office in a colorful dress.

Predicting he’d be sent home, he was shocked to see an email from senior management telling “gentlemen in the office” that they could now wear three-quarter length shorts in black, navy or beige.

Well that's one way to make a point.

Go Joey!

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