This Man Is This Hospital's First Full Time Employee With Down Syndrome

Meet 28-year-old Nathan Simons, he just became Boston Children's Hospital first full-time employee with down syndrome. 

What's amazing is that Nathan was actually a patient at this hospital as a child.

He was treated for a heart problem when he was a baby.

Nathan was part of a two-year apprenticeship with the Down syndrome program then, after two years the hospital decided to keep him on board because they loved him so much. 

Nathan helps oversee and mentor recruits for that 2-year job.

His other responsibilities include getting the rooms ready for the doctors every morning in the unit. 

He’s in charge of inventory supplies, does mailing, medical records, and a host of other administrative tasks.

Nathan also greets and interacts with families of children with Down syndrome.

Nathan, who lives on his own and has a girlfriend, provides hope to parents whose children have Down syndrome.

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