There's A 'Game of Thrones' Pop-Up Bar!

Calling all 'Game of Thrones fans!'

To alleviate some of the suspense ahead of the July 16th premiere, there's now a 'Game of Thrones' pop-up bar!!

It's pretty much the closest we'll ever get to King's Landing.

The pop-up bar is open now until August 27th.

According to the website, “We didn't have a choice; the three-eyed raven picked us. This pub is our love letter to the Seven Kingdoms and we cannot wait to share it with fellow fans.”

To pull this off, Drink Company transformed three of their four bars into scenes from the North, the Red Keep, Mereen, the House of Black and White, and the Throne Room.

The bad news is, it's in Washington D.C.!

I guess these means we need to get on a flight to Washington D.C. ASAP!

Check out all the photos and the video below:

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