This Guy Feels Your Pain If Your Friends Are Bad At Taking Pictures Of You

We all know that situation of whenever we take a photo for someone, it turns out great, but when our friends take it, it's a much different story?

That feeling of frustration is probably amplified even more if you're a model who's used to having great pictures taken all the time. 

Meet 20-year-old model Anthony Keeling, who exposed his friend's awful photo-taking skills on Twitter.

Here's a pic of Anthony that he posted to his Instagram that is definitely professional and on point with the perfect lighting and angle.

Anthony said he's used to being in front of the camera, but also knows what looks good on camera and what doesn't, which comes in handy when he's behind the camera.

This means, among his friend group, Anthony is almost always the designated photographer.

It's a position he's happy to have,  but he also has to accept that he's rarely in their group photos.

Recently while he and his friends were on a Bahamian cruise, Anthony asked one of them to take a photo of him in front of a picturesque backdrop. 

Well...almost every single one of the came out TERRIBLE!

Anthony said his friend Ricky left him a camera roll full of unflattering photos.

He said, "I asked Ricky to look at the pictures he had taken and asked if someone took pictures like that of him, would he post them anywhere and of course his answer was 'hell no!'"

At that point, Anthony felt like he needed to finally speak up for all the other DESIGNATED PHOTO-TAKER FRIENDS in every friend group. 

What Anthony quickly found out was that he was NOT ALONE!

After about 30 minutes of coaching, Anthony FINALLY GOT A GOOD PICTURE!

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