This Dad's Twitter Campaign For His Bullied Son Goes Viral

The internet may be full of angry people and trolls, but sometimes it's just plain nice.

When Christopher Hope-Smith asked Twitter for help for his son's birthday.

Christopher's son Ollie was turning 9 soon, but there was a bully who kept telling Ollie that his birthday wouldn't be "as good as his own".

Christopher had other ideas, though. 

He wanted to make sure Ollie's birthday was his best so far.

The response has been absolutely overwhelming. 

In the hours since, Christopher's tweets have been shared well over 11,000 times. 

TV presenters, DJs, and celebrities have all responded to wish Ollie a happy birthday and some have even offered him special gifts.

Following the huge outpouring of support, Ollie's mum Natalie took to Twitter on Thursday evening to post the following update.

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