Woman Caught A Man Body Shaming Her During A Flight

Natalie Hage is proud of her body.

She is a plus size model, who devotes much of her working life to promoting the positivity of body confidence whatever a person's size.

On a recent flight, she ended up sitting in a middle seat next to a man who nastily body-shamed her.

He believed he was doing it subtly, when in fact, he wasn't. 

The mean text messages he was sending to a friend just before take-off, in which he joked about Natalie having 'eaten a mexican', were actually quite visible and incredibly hurtful.

Taking a photo of the text messages, Natalie posted the pictures to Instagram along with a caption explaining what happened.

Natalie wrote that after having paid almost $70 extra for a seat with more leg room on a flight to LA, she sat down only to be welcomed by "the gentleman on my left... LOUDLY huffing, sighing, and readjusting himself in his seat."

He even took up both arm rests on purpose and would dig his elbows into her side.

After enduring the flight next to the man who'd been unnecessarily cruel about her without having exchanged so much as two words, Natalie bravely struck up the courage to ask him why he'd done it when the plane landed.

Uploading the video to Facebook, you can hear Natalie say, "I couldn’t help but notice before we took off you were sending really horrible text messages about me...do you normally make fun of fat people?"

The man claimed he had been drinking and repeatedly said sorry. 

Ruining any genuine apology, however, he later asked the model whether she’d be capable of helping people get off the plane in an emergency.

Natalie responded boldly, telling him she works out five times a week. 

She says, "My body is none of your business..don’t ever treat anyone like that again."


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