Cheesecake Factory Is Releasing A Funfetti Flavor

There are only 24 days left until National Cheesecake Day aka one of the most important holidays of the year DUH!

To prepare us for what should be considered an observed holiday, The Cheesecake Factory gave a sneak peak of what it has in store for us on July 30th.

Basically, it's a Funfetti birthday cake, but in cheesecake form.

It's even been appropriately named the "Celebration Cheesecake" and not going to lie it looks like a party!

The new dessert is intensely layered, featuring original cheesecake, vanilla cake, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mousse, and cream cheese with confetti sprinkles to top it all off.

Cheesecake Factory will be selling cheesecakes for half price at all of it's restaurants on the 30th and the celebration will continue until the 31st.

This means you get TWO FULL DAYS to enjoy a discount slice.

Just a heads up, the deal is only good for one slice per guest.

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