The First Look At Veronica Lodge's Riverdale Family Is Finally Here!

In the CW's show Riverdale, there a plenty of twists and turns and there sure will be more in the upcoming season.

One thing fans of the show DO KNOW is the return of Hiram Lodge, Veronica's criminal father!

Though fans have been sitting on the news that Mark Consuelos is playing the previously-unseen Hiram, there hasn't been a look at the whole Lodge family actually together. 


While Hiram's back in town, it's still unclear how that particular family's drama will go down in the second season.

I mean we still have so many questions!

Like What's going on with that construction lot? The parent relationship drama? And of course, who's behind the blood-chilling finale shot from season one? 

This selfie doesn't provide us with any answers, but at least we got our first picture of the good-looking family!

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