Bride Meets The Man Who Recieved Her Late Son's Heart At Her Wedding

Be prepared to cry! I am balling right now!

In Palmer, Alaska, Groom Kelly Turney surprised his bride Becky with a special last-minute addition to the bridal party at their wedding. 

The honorary groomsman Jacob Kilby and Becky met for the first time at the wedding. Kilby was the recipient of Becky's late son Triston Green's heart. Green died in 2015 at the age of 19.

Kilby's heart transplant from Green saved his life.

Becky got to listen to her son's heart in Kilby's chest right at her wedding! As you can imagine (and as you probably are right now) everyone was in tears!

Scroll through the photos below to see more photographed by Amber Lanphier of Love Adventured.

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