Accidental 'Hitler' Tote Bag Causes Outrage, Designer Apologizes

posted by Sabrina Hooyman -

A fashion designer is apologizing (see their Instagram post below) for one big OOPS! 

Their tote bag hit the market that said "My favorite color is glitter." But the lowercase 'G' next to the 'L' in cursive, made it look like it said "Hitler" instead of "glitter."

The good people of the internet were very quick to point out the oversight.

To anyone who saw our tote bag blunder, I want to say I am so sorry for any unintended reference seen in our design. We made a mistake when designing this 3 years ago, plain and simple. After almost 20 years of being a designer, I still make mistakes. Sometimes you look at something so long, that you don't see it with fresh eyes. To demonstrate our commitment to running a clean, family-oriented business based on respect for all, we are donating 300% of all proceeds ever received from the sale of our discontinued glitter tote bag to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. @allure @teenvogue @mashable @huffpost @dailymail @hurlarious @kalesalad

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