4 of the Best Los Angeles Car Chases

We all know the thrill of receiving a text from your friend that says "crazy police pursuit on TV!" Some of the wildest and weirdest pursuits seem to happen in Los Angeles. We've rounded up some of the best LA police pursuits so you can reminisce on how shocking they were.

1. The Selfie Burglars

This police pursuit happened in 2016, and it is one we will never forget. During the chase, the burglars had their convertible top down in the rain and were standing up while driving. A TMZ tour bus even tried to save the day and stop the car! 

As if the chase wasn't already weird enough, they ended it by pulling into a neighborhood and casually taking selfies with their friends. The crowd grew and it seemed like the entire neighborhood came out to just say hello! This was not exactly your typical end to a car chase.

2. The GTA Tunnel Escape

Located in East LA, the police officers chasing this car were thrown a very strange curve ball. The suspect was driving a stolen car when he decided he had the perfect plan to lose the cops: drive into an underground tunnel. While this plan worked for a little while, the police eventually found and arrested the suspect.

Many people compared this escape to one out of the video game Grand Theft Auto!

3. The O.J. Simpson Chase

There is no denying that O.J. Simpson's 1994 police chase was one that made headlines nationwide. 95 million people tuned in to watch as Simpson rode in a white Ford Bronco. He was followed by 20 LAPD cars and 9 helicopters. Onlookers even stood on bridges over the freeway, trying to catch a glimpse of the chase when they knew Simpson was headed their way. The chase ended 2 hours later when Simpson returned home.

4. Free Cash For Everyone!

Imagine being on the street behind this chase! These bank robbers began throwing all of their stolen cash out the window as they continued to be followed by at least six police cars.

Newscasters explained that the situation was more dangerous than usual as they passed University of Southern California because students were actually running out of their homes to try and catch money as the suspects passed.

California's fascination with police chases on television will never cease to amaze me. The suspense really brings us all together.

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