10 Super Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is almost here! Get ready for the spooky night with one of these cool costumes that'll either get you a ton of candy...or scare the kids away! We've gathered 10 of the wildest makeup looks that we could find. Put your own spin on these looks and have a spooky night! 

1. Ice Princess

Frozen? Elsa who? The snow queen might have been a great costume 4 years ago, but with all of the creativity the internet provides, we can be even better. Make your own twist to an icy princess look like the artist below. A few jewels can go a long way!  

2. Melted Skin

If you don't mind people running as fast as they can away from you then this is the look for you! This face decor truly embodies the idea of a spooky Halloween. Grab some liquid latex and fake blood and get creative! 

3. Flesh Monster

Not really sure what this creature is, but this one is sure to make your skin crawl. This is actually a very easy look to accomplish with some simple plastic wrap, freezer, tape, cotton, and make-up. Props to the artist. 

4. Cute Zombie

Instead of all the blood and gore, why not go for a cute zombie look? This artist decided to use pop-art to decorate herself for Halloween. Try and out a couple of times and see if this is something for you. 

5. Creepy Coraline

It's Coraline! And it is spooky. Imagine seeing this face smiling at you in a corner of a room. Yikes! Get creative with this 

6. "IT" Pennywise

Be careful with this look. You may even scare yourself.

7. Betty Boop

Cute is always in style. Opt for a simple Betty Boop look and win everyone over! 

8. Ex-Machina

Feeling a bit robotic these days? Why not show the world who you really are this Halloween? Check out this epic tutorial that'll show you all of the nuts and bolts to get this look. Get it, nuts and bolts? Robots... yeah! 

9. Undercover Demon 

What's Halloween without some evil spirits? Go for an undercover demon of look...then pull your face skin back! 

10. Simple Demon 

Want to keep it simple? Pop in some quick demon contacts for an uber scary look. If you've watched Supernatural or any show dealing with the character of demons then you'll know that any outfit or look can work. It's all in the eyes! 

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