KAABOO Del Mar Festival - an Artistic Experience!

Kaaboo Del Mar prides itself on not being an average "festival." The music event is more so an artistic experience featuring some of the best performers, tasty food, hilarious comedy, contemporary art, and so much more! Walking around the massive reserved grounds, it's easy to get engulfed in the surreal vibe. People from all ages and walks come out to enjoy the weekend with smiles on their face. 

The modern wonderland combining curated food with rock and roll music even has a name that is all about being in the moment. On the festival's website, they state that "KAABOO is the perfect weekend escape, described in a word that comes from whatever the hell we feel like yelling when we’re high on life and having fun."

Check out these great highlights of the event and make sure to sign up to experience a true wonderland during September 13-15th, 2019. 

Great Performances! 

Fun Interactive Art

Tasty Foods

Dope Swag

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