The Melrose Trading Post - Los Angeles' Best Stop, Shop, and Go!

Home to Los Angeles’ hipster scene, The Melrose Trading Post features the cities’ most self-made business owners. Organized by the Greenway Arts Alliance, anyone can purchase a spot to sell their own holistic goods and high-quality clothing attire at the high-end flea market. The Melrose Trading Post is held every Sunday and is an “evolving experience, with a curated selection of handcrafted artisan goods, eclectic art and craft, vintage fashion, antique furniture and one-of-a-kind treasures.”

Attendees can expect to not leave empty-handed as the merchants there sell items of nostalgia and unique necessity. “The popular weekly market has always featured local musicians. In 2014, the market expanded to include even more opportunities for local artists through an outdoor, year-long series of music, dance, theater and spoken word events.” So there is no excuse to stay home on an early Sunday afternoon, when most of West Los Angeles is at the very popular merchant exhibition. The merchants at these shops sell through competitive prices and appreciate finding commonalities within their buyers who have an affinity for their own handcrafted goods.

The Melrose Trading Post has existed for 20 years now and has grown in popularity every year. “Every Sunday, 5,000-8,000 people visit Melrose Trading Post, which is consistently listed as a top Los Angeles destination stop by numerous tourist websites and featured in publications and media all over the world.” The Greenway Arts Alliance creates spaces for every type of merchant, no matter what cultural background, to start a business and with this popular market being held every single Sunday, a successful one at best.