Los Angeles' 28th Annual IFS Film Festival

Film Independent Forum Saturday Night Screening Of "Ms. Purpleâ

The 28th Annual Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival is returning back to L.A. Live for a ten day time period in support of exhibiting new and emerging filmmakers’ projects. Described as “a magnetic north for any cinephiliac,” the widely popular movie festival features “over 200 premieres that represent[s] the new independent cinema from across the globe.” There are multiple theatre locations being used to exhibit these anticipated motion pictures which include “the historic cinemas of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, & Santa Monica.” The curators of the Los Angeles-based festival is focusing on the nostalgia of these venues to further immerse their audience in a famous cinematic setting.

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The features exhibited during this extensive programming are selected through a majority rule “by [a] democratic voting” conducted by IFS members. The presentations within the festival, itself, have been extremely successful as seen in the past creatives the IFS was capable of bringing in. The long lists of actors within their film catalog includes names: Emma Stone, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, and much more.

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Their programming schedule and entry tickets went on sale April 26th at 11am and the event will start this Wednesday for roughly a week and a half. The only thing required for audience members is a high attention span and a respectful reaction to projects exhibited as there will be a lot of entertainment to soak in and most importantly be prepared for potential tears to be shed.

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