Halsey Sparks Twitter Debate After Voicing Support For Sex Workers

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Halsey is sticking up for sex workers.

Over the weekend, and the heels of dropping her new single "Nightmare," the songbird took to Twitter to continue engaging her millions of social media followers in open and honest dialogue about the industry of sex work.

Despite the backlash she received after expressing her sentiments on the matter and launching the hashtag #supportsexworks in an Instagram Story, Halsey issued a string of (since-deleted) tweets to keep the conversation going.

"I notice every day that the conversation surrounding feminism is both bigger but more nuanced than ever with social media as a platform," she tweeted Saturday (May 18). "I try, and I hope you try, to be mindful of cultural and regional differences that complicate the conversation."

"This is definitely a cultural difference. Some people live in regions where sex work is unsafe and can’t imagine why someone would 'choose' the job," Halsey added, arguing that "some people live in regions where they know people who comfortably choose it. At the end of the day, both sides just want safety."

Despite the controversial debate, the "Colors" star and fans alike seemed to agree that, while certain cultures have different attitudes toward sex work, the most prioritized factor of the occupation is the worker's safety.

"Part of #supportsexworkers means regulating the field so it can be a safer environment for the people involved," she continued. "It doesn’t just mean support them for personal pleasure. It means stand by them and fight for their rights to do the job they’ve chosen."

Setting the record straight, the 24-year-old made the distinction that she does not advocate "people forced into" the field.

"If you live in a place where sex work is widely considered unsafe, violent, or threatening, I can understand your rage at me supporting sex work," she stated. "But please understand the divide. And understand I mean regulated, legal, modern sex work. Thank you."

Read a few fans responses to Halsey's statements below.

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