Kelly Clarkson Calls Into The Show To Talk Quarantine, Mom Life, And More!

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, we are all in the same boat of staying inside and we feel this sense of community knowing we're all in this together. One of our favorite artists Kelly Clarkson called into the show to talk about how quarantine is going for her while working and being a mom. Kelly and her family happened to leave Los Angeles right away so in order to keep her family safe, they decided to stay at their ranch in Montana.

"I honestly can't complain, I have friends and family that are in situations where they're in apartments or smaller houses. We happened to leave LA right off the bat because we knew we had this ranch and we were like if we want to keep our family safe and also I don't want all of us to go nuts. We came to our ranch here in Montana, but not knowing we'd be working for months so that's been a little trying, but we can't complain. We can go on a walk outside or go on our four wheelers so we're really lucky and I try not to complain a lot, but as a mom with 3 kids in school that hasn't been fun and it's challenging."

Every time you turn on the news, all you see is a story about another outbreak, however Kelly said where she's at the locals don't really understand. Since there isn't outbreaks there like in Los Angeles and New York, they don't understand why they can't go to work or why they're losing their jobs. Music is such an important message right now and Kelly just released a new song called "I Dare You" and we couldn't have asked for a better song to get us through these times.

"We've always had this song. I didn't write this, but this song came along and I fell in love with the message and that was over a year ago. I've always had this idea to record in different languages going back to when I was growing up. I feel like we need something globally connecting and it would be good. Even opening up your mind to different languages and cultures. I thought it was important and now this pandemic happened, it couldn't have been a more globally connecting time."

This pandemic has caused all of the schools to close down for the rest of this year moving classes to online. The problem is both the parents and the kids are getting frustrated with technology or the lack of focus. Kelly knows exactly that feeling because she has a 13 year old and two toddlers.

"Our 13 year old is old enough to get online and know how to do the schooling, but it's just constantly having to get on them and constantly being like no you can't take another break, you just had one. Then the toddlers, the thing is yeah the work isn't hard, but their attention span is that of a gnat and that's the hard part. With toddlers, you can't explain this they don't understand why they can't see other children or go to school. Luckily, my husband and I brought our nanny with us just in case we got stuck and had to do work. It's just been insane."

One main problem that Kelly ran into while staying at her ranch in Montana is a plumbing issue when the pipes froze in the cabin they're renting. This forced her to use her kids little potty because it was storming outside and she couldn't go outside behind a tree.

"I'm totally the country girl to be like well I have to go find a bush, but like I couldn't do it it was so cold outside. I could not bare my behind out there and go to the bathroom, I will die so I had to use my kids' little potty. Cut to I have to do all of these interviews and the only wifi connection is this room where I have a trash can behind me. It's not great, but it's real. I am so over all these celebrities saying we're in this together because we are not living the same."

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