Avril Lavigne Talks Music, Working On A Cookbook, And More!

Avril Lavigne is a name that will make you feel so nostalgic especially when you hear songs like "Sk8er Boi" or "Complicated," but she's come a long way since those days. Avril finished touring the U.S. for her "Head Above Water" and unfortunately had to cancel her Europe leg of the tour due to the coronavirus pandemic. She's currently quarantined at her home with her two friends, but she isn't letting any time go to waste. She did a Zoom session with Valentine in the Morning and she talked about her new song, a new project she just started working on the other day, and so much more!

When Avril had to cancel her tour because of the pandemic she wanted to find a way to give something to not only her fans, but something to the front line workers and first responders She released her song "We Are Warriors" and it's a re-worked version of her song “Warrior” off her “Head Above Water” album. She adjusted the lyrics to reflect the current health crisis. All net proceeds from the song and music video is going to Project HOPE and the Avril Lavigne Foundation to supply PPE around the world.

"My World Tour got cancelled and I was at home thinking what can I do to give back and everyone working the front lines, they are warriors right now. I wanted to express and show my gratitude to them so I took my song Warrior and I re-recorded it and changed it to We Are Warriors in honor of them. I shot the music video with what's going on in the world around us just to show a big thank you to everyone who is keeping the world together."

While being at home in quarantine, she said she's doing a lot of cooking and has a new mantra while in this pandemic "Think Smarter, Not Harder." She came up with this when she was exhausted of making multiple meals and having to constantly do dishes every day. She decided instead of cooking three meals a day, she cooks just one big meal and eat it all day long.

"I cook for everyone and I cook family style because I just love to cook. I was cooking 3-4 times a day and it was so much work so I was like i'm going to wake up and I make this big meal for lunch. A couple veggies, a couple proteins, salad, rice or a carb, basically like a big huge buffet and i'm just like that's it that's all we got all day then we only have to do dishes once."

Just like the rest of us in quarantine, Avril is trying to keep herself busy especially creatively. The first two weeks she was constantly cleaning her house and then she had the idea to re-record Warrior, but good news for her fans she's been writing new music and she's even working on a project that everyone will certainly enjoy.

"I've been writing and I have more time to work on other creative projects like i've always wanted to do a cook book and i've been talking about it for 10 years, but I finally decided to write it now. I started yesterday. I like to eat really healthy, but I also like to cook for my friends and family and make whatever tastes good so a lot of Italian. I think it will be just my go-to dishes because I could do a super healthy cook book, but at the same time like anyone who has a healthy lifestyle also likes to indulge so I think it would be like that since it's what i've been doing for years."

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