VIDEO: Another TikTok Creator Has Put Gorilla Glue In Their Hair!

Another TikTok creator has put gorilla glue in their hair. The creator's name is Avani Reyes and she claims she put the glue in her hair on accident. This seems to be a trend that should NOT be a trend. She has posted several videos on the platform showcasing her short pink hair that is covered and glue and she can be seen in videos explain how she "can't comb through her hair" and that her "scalp is burning". After the events of Tessica Brown putting Gorilla Glue in her hair and being flown to LA to have it removed, you would think others would learn their lesson. Unfortunately there hasn't been an update as to whether or not she's going to get the glue surgically removed, and Avani has since received tons of "hate" comments on her videos. What do you think of this situation?