Miley Cyrus Writes A Love Letter To Hannah Montana 15 Years Later

It has officially been 15 years since Miley Cyrus has starred in the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana where Miley Cyrus plays a girl who lives a double life as a regular high school girl who is also a super pop star. This show was loved by so many kids, and many felt like they got to grow up with Miley Cyrus . Miley has spoken in the past about how playing "Hannah Montana" gave her an identity crisis as she felt she was only famous with a wig on. She also went on to say that "Hannah Montana is dead" in her 2013 SNL Monologue.

This was around the time she released her album Bangerz that featured more adult content and artists such as Britney Spears ,Future , Big Sean and more. People speculated that she really wanted to separate herself from being know as a child star. Now she is paying tribute to the 15 year anniversary of Hannah Montana by writing her a love letter saying how much she's helped her and end's the note say "I love you Hannah Montana, forever Miley".