Regé-Jean Page Will Not Be In Season 2 of Bridgerton

The beloved Regé-Jean Page who portrays the Duke Of Hastings in the hit Netflix show Bridgerton will not be returning for Season 2! To recap Season 1 of Bridgerton focuses on a girl named Daphne who is entering the "Social Season" for the first time when she takes a fancy in the Duke Of Hastings... SPOILER ALERT. Daphne and The Duke end up getting married and having a newborn baby at the end of Season 1. Now in Season 2 we've already found out who Lady Whistledown (The town gossiper) but this season is supposed to focus on Daphne's older brother Antony as he enters the 'Social Season'. Daphne will still be involved helping her brother navigate but the beloved Duke must be off handling other foreign affairs. What do you think of this change?