Britney Spears Clarifies Some 'Framing Britney' Misconceptions In New Post

By now most people have seen the 'Framing Britney Documentary' that dove into the details of the Britney Spears conservatorship. The documentary gained a lot of traction from fans that have wanted Britney to be freed from her conservatorship. Fans were protesting, and screaming #FreeBritney as more details were uncovered about her conservatorship. The documentary explained details about Britney's life that were quite shocking. For example, she has to have an allowance and she is not in control of her finances. Some have even said that she is not in control of her social media either, which makes fans skeptical of her posts.

In a recent Instagram post, she is seen dancing but she explains how there's so many documentaries being made about her that focus on all the negative. She goes on to explain how the documentaries are hypocritical and criticize the media but do the same thing. Britney also states that she runs her Instagram account. She end her lengthy post responding to the documentary and said 'PS no paparazzi guy... I didn't want you and your crew following me around'! Britney Spears is expected to speak at her next conservatorship hearing that will be taking place in June!