This Is The Best Vegetarian Restaurant In Los Angeles

POV of Hand Holding Vegan Taco over Sauces and Pickles

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Eating vegetarian meals does not mean omitting your favorite foods. With the right substitutions, you can eat your favorite meals and more. This vegetarian restaurant is loved by those of all lifestyles, from all around the country.

According to L.A Eater, the best vegetarian restaurant in all of L.A is the Green Temple Vegetarian Restaurant. The Green Temple Vegetarian Restaurant is known for their veggie enchiladas and a variety of cultural cuisines. The restaurant is located in South Bay and can be found inside the Rivera Village. The Green Temple has a nice patio, perfect for breezy Spring and Summer evenings. Other popular dishes at the restaurant include white lasagna, tofu sauce and of course; we can't forget about desert. The restaurant offers a variety of pie that will please even the strongest sweet tooth.

Here is what L.A Eater had to say about the best vegetarian restaurant in all of California:

"Holding it down for the South Bay is the beloved Green Temple. Nestled in a hidden courtyard in Riviera Village, the quaint patio offers plenty of feel-good vibes along with its insanely delicious tofu sauce, white lasagna, and pies."

For more information regarding the best vegetarian restaurants in the city visit HERE.

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