IHOP Now Has French Toast Donuts

Starting today (July 31st), IHOP will turn three different donuts into the most beautiful french toast ever!

The first is a Bacon & Maple French-Toasted Donut, which is a bavarian cream-filled eclair-style yeast donut.

It then gets dipped in IHOP's vanilla French toast batter before getting griddled. 

Once golden and crisp, it gets topped with chopped hickory-smoked bacon and a maple glaze.

Next is a Strawberries & Cream French-Toasted Donut.

It's another cream-filled eclair that is dunked in a vanilla French toast batter, then griddled.

It is then topped with strawberries, strawberry glaze, and powdered sugar.

Lastly, there is an Apple Fritter French-Toasted Donut.

The vanilla french toast battered french toast is topped with cinnamon-sugar apples, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

We need to head on over to IHOP right now to try these!