Dude Got Caught Driving Under The Influence After Ordering 200 Hash Browns

An Australian man was charged by police for driving under the influence of alcohol, after he apparently caused a ruckus at a McDonald's.

The customer reportedly became angry after being told by drive-thru staff  there were no chicken nuggets on the breakfast menu at 4:50 a.m.

The man allegedly went through the drive-thru four times, where he ordered 200 hash browns on the second trip, worth a total of $230.

Police were called to the McDonald's, where the man was allegedly found still waiting for his hash browns in his car, intoxicated.  

When he did a breath test, the man registered a blood alcohol content of 0.175 percent, which is more than triple the legal limit in Australia. 

His driver's license was suspended, and he faces court on November 30th.