Harry Potter Fans, You've Been Pronouncing This Important Word Wrong!

Pottermore, the official authority on all things Harry Potterreleased a list of Harry Potter terms people often pronounce incorrectly.

Well this one word has a lot of Harry Potter fans freaking out that they've been saying it wrong the WHOLE time!

When you read the books, like any English-speaking human, thought the word "Knuts" was pronounced "nut," with a silent "k." 

You know, like knife, knock, knit....etc.


It's actually pronounced "ca-nut."


Here's what they said: "While we were running around saying ‘nuts’, Harry, Ron, Hermione and everyone else in the wizarding world were purchasing goods and services with Galleons, Sickles and ‘ca-nuts’."


Now you can school all of your Harry Potter friends who have been saying this word wrong!

Dave Styles

Dave Styles

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