Starbucks Just Released New Drinks For Valentine's Day!

Unless you hate chocolatey drinks and heart-shaped sweets, you'll love the limited-time menu Starbucks is launching for Valentine's Day, which includes a Cherry Mocha!!

Basically the liquid version of a chocolate-covered cherry, the drink is made with mocha sauce and candied cherry syrup topped with whipped cream, sugar, and special Valentine's Day sprinkles.

If you prefer iced drinks or Frappuccinos, you can also get the Cherry Mocha iced or blended. 

It'll be available nationwide beginning February 7th through February 14th.

Possibly even cuter than the Cherry Mocha are these confetti heart cake pops and heart-shaped sugar cookies. 

It's coated in white or pink chocolate and colorful sprinkles, the new sweets are available nationwide beginning February 6th.