An All Pink Starburst Clothing Line Now Exists!

When it comes to Starburst, there's one flavor that is our favorite.

That's the pink Starburst obviously!

Well now there's a pink Starburst clothing line that will go perfectly with our all-pink Starburst pack.

Starburst is working with Project Runway season 15 winner Erin Robertson to design the line.

The line includes a pastel pink sweatshirt emblazoned with "I am a pink Starburst" across it, tees with the sentiment embroidered on the chest, and a denim jacket featuring a pair of lips biting the candy.

Senior Associate Brand Manager Audrey Arbeeny in a statement, “To be referred to as a pink Starburst is something special, and we continue to see people share the 'I am a pink Starburst' meme." 

She continued, "we wanted to bring that reference to life offline for our fans."

The line also features a pop-art-inspired scarf, as well as a "You are a pink Starburst" neon sign, which glows bright pink, obviously.

You can check out the whole line at

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