Matt LeBlanc Revealed The Truth About Rachel Green's Meat Trifle On Friends

If you're a big Friends fan like I am, you've probably seen every episode!

Well remember the episode where Rachel makes a meat trifle?

Here is a little reminder of the memorable episode, just in case you don't remember...

As if that meat trifle wasn't already gross enough, Matt LeBlanc (Joey) was on The Graham Norton Show where he revealed the truth behind that iconic scene!

If you were always wondering did they or didn't they eat the beef trifle, then the answer is yes. 

Yes, they did.

It wasn't until the show came to an end when everyone was watching the bloopers that Matt realised his horrible mistake.

It's safe to say, we probably won't be able to watch that episode the same ever again!

Check out Matt revealing the truth behind the episode below: