Woman Shares This Autistic Man's Heartwarming Apology!

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When it comes to Autism, people with the condition are prone to having meltdowns. 

It is not bad or naughty behavior and should not be considered that.

When a person is completely overwhelmed it could result is a meltdown.

For Twitter user Ruby, she shared an adorable gift she received from a man with autism who lives in her building after he said something unkind to her during a meltdown the week before.

Ruby posted on Twitter, "I live in a building with an autistic man who has bipolar disorder, he has angry outbursts and last week said something really unkind, he struggles with understanding he’s in the wrong & apologising but gave me this today."

She received a card, a bouquet of flowers and a bag of cookies!

The note read: "To Ruby,I don't like how things are at the moment and I miss are our times together talking and socializing. Sometimes I say things in the heat of the moment I do not always mean.  I hope you will accept my sorry gifts. Love from,Christopher PS. I really do like you and your family and dog."

How cute is this?!

Dave Styles

Dave Styles

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