Costco Has Released Their Own Version Of LaCroix!

One thing that has been a major trend lately is drinking LaCroix!

Well Costco just upped their sparkling water game by releasing their own version of it.

They recently added three flavors to their Kirkland Signature line of fizzy beverages and the new cans are even similar LaCroix.

The line from Costco’s private label already consisted of flavors like black raspberry, orange mango and kiwi strawberry, but now you can find flavored cans of lemon, lime and grapefruit seltzers on shelves.

A 32-pack of the Kirkland Signature costs $7.49, while $7.99 at Costco will only get you 24 LaCroix cans.

One customer said that the lime and lemon Kirkland flavors taste “exactly the same” as LaCroix, while some true fans may notice a slight difference in the grapefruit variety.

Are you going to try the Costco version of LaCroix?